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More than a coffee bean

Taste a coffee from the Federación Campesina del Cauca, is moving to a peasant farm in southern Colombia, where the coffee fruit ripens around diversified crops of cane, cocoa, avocado, vegetables, cassava and fruit trees, as well as surrounded by the children, youth and older adults who take care of you every day. In this way, having a cup of Café FCC is to share a moment of the aromas of the countryside.


FCC, as an organizational structure, carries out the coffee commercialization of the farmer families that make up its social base and other non-associated families, backed by an experience of more than 20 years in the coffee market at a national and international level. Currently, the marketing and collection program reaches more than 2,000 families in the department of Cauca. This coffee corresponds to the work of small producers and their families, who base their production on the principles of agroecology, social and environmental responsibility, gender equality and youth participation, guaranteeing the care of the environment and the good life of farmer families. This is why it is grown on diversified farms, without the use of toxic agro-chemicals, conserving native seeds, soil and water, thus guaranteeing food sovereignty for farmer families and the quality of our coffee.


The toasted coffee CAFÉ F.C.C. More than a coffee bean, it is grown on small farms in the center of Cauca, in the municipalities of Popayán, Piendamó, Rosas, Timbío and Cajibío, and represents the work of 600 farmer families that make up the organization of the Farmer Federation of Cauca , who with their dedication and care for each bean, achieve that the quality of this coffee is characterized by having some notes of panela, chocolate, caramel, citrus and floral aroma, with a sweet fruity taste and a prolonged residual citric flavor, medium acidity and a silky body, reaching a score of 84 SCA points, validated by the FCC quality laboratory You can find it available in two presentations: Ground Roasted and Grain Roasted.
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