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Federación Campesina del Cauca

We are a Farm organization with principles and values-oriented to agro ecological practices, productive diversification, conservation of natural resources, which works for the defense and representation of farmers to dignify their work and the impact on constitutional recognition and other legal provisions, and furthermore, to promoting the rescue and conservation of farm identity as a process of social transformation, empowerment of youth in the organizational process, and gender equality under the principles of solidarity, fair trade, and social doctrine of the church.

Misión FCC


We are a second-degree association of grassroots organizations in the central area of ​​Cauca that work to improve the living conditions of the peasant, his family and the human team of the F.C.C.


To be a consolidated organization recognized nationally and internationally for its contribution to a dignified life through the provision of services to peasant women, peasants and their families, contributing to local and regional development.

Visión FCC

Our Values

  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility and efficiency
  • Availability and Solidarity
  • Gender equality
  • Commitment and respect with the person and nature
  • Promote family
  • Work for the common good


What are we doing?

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